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Why 100% Free Matrimonial Service!!!

We believe that finding the right life partner is one of the most important and difficult tasks of one's life. Our goal is to help you in the process of finding your perfect partner by providing 100% FREE Match Making Service.

You might be thinking that free matrimonial site is 100% free and as good as other paid services, than why free? There are number of reasons which have inspired us to make 100% Free Matrimonial Service. We have list down few of them.
  • Finding life partner is a long process and matrimonial site is just a way by which interested members can contact each other to match their interest and communicate further.
  • Paying high fees for contacting interested members is not affordable to everyone. Hence it’s important to have free service by which interested members can contact each other.

And this problems inspired us to make Free Matrimonial Site, which is
  • Completely free
  • Fully Secure
  • Easy to browse
  • Privacy features to protect your personal details
  • Contact Privacy Options such as :
    1. Show contact to all registered members
    2. Show contact to only accepted members
    3. Hide contact details
  • Photo visibility options
    1. Photo visible to anyone visiting your profile
    2. Photo visible to registered members
    3. Photo visible to only accepted members
    4. Hide photo from everyone
  • And more…

Ok, now obvious question comes to your mind, how we are making money to keep this free matrimonial service free forever.
  • Primary goal of this website is NOT to make money
  • Its our way of helping community to find their life partner at free of cost.
  • We are using shared web hosting where our other sites are also hosted, so we are actually not spending anything extra to maintain this website.
  • We are also having small web development business, which is doing well, we also have team of volunteer developers who are programming in their free time, so we are not spending anything on development too.
  • So in summary, our cost is very low which we can afford to continue providing this service.
  • Sometimes, In order to raise money, we are displaying reasonable advertisement on web page. We also make money from donation from few industrialists who is supporting our mission.
  • We are also sometime getting donation from members
  • All this reasons, help us to keep this free matrimonial service free forever.
  • To read more on who we are and what we do for living.

How we are different than other matrimonial services available.
  • We are 100% FREE
  • We provide simplest user interface
  • We do NOT sell any of your information
  • We do NOT send any promotional email
  • We manually moderate and approves each and every profile to avoid abuse
  • We do not bombard you with emails. We only send alerts as per your profile email settings
  • We take your privacy seriously and you will have full control of your personal information and photo. You will be the decision maker about whom you want to display your personal information and whom not to.

We have taken initiative to make marriages money free, which won't succeed unless your support. Please support our mission by spreading word about it to your friends and relatives.

We offer all service for free! So nothing to lose. Start finding your life partner now. Login Now

If you have any suggestions/compliment/want to donate or anything to say, Please contact us, we will love your feedback to improve this website.

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